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Commercial electricians work in non-residential settings

A commercial electrician works in a non-residential setting. While residential electricians focus on the electrical needs of the home, industrial electricians must be experienced and able to adapt to different high-voltage systems. Unlike residential electricians, industrial contractors need to complete years of apprenticeship training and additional certifications. Because of the unique nature of this type of work, industrial electricians are often more skilled than commercial electricians.

While residential electricians only work in residential settings, commercial electricians can also work in large businesses. Commercial electricians install, troubleshoot, and repair systems in non-residential settings. Some commercial electricians have a diverse background. They may design blueprints for retail establishments and ensure the safety of electricity. They can also work in public places, such as office buildings and industrial settings. However, they should have an understanding of public safety regulations.

Commercial electricians install and repair appliances

If you’re looking for an expert in installing or repairing appliances in your business, you’ll want to contact a commercial electrician General Contractor Nassau County. Not only are they highly trained and experienced, but they’re also safe. Because electricity is dangerous, it’s important to have a professional handle the job, rather than attempting to do it yourself. Commercial electricians are well-equipped to handle all electrical problems, whether it’s a new appliance or an old one.

Professionals in the field are trained to a three-tier system: journeyman, apprentice, and master. Apprentices receive reduced pay while learning the trade. They’re contracted to adhere to apprenticeship standards for a period of three to six years. Apprentices earn a salary based on a percentage of the journeyman’s salary. Journeymen, on the other hand, are licensed electricians who’ve finished their apprenticeships and demonstrated their competency in the field.

They maintain electrical systems

To run a successful business, regular maintenance is essential. Commercial electrical systems are complex and often require routine inspections and upkeep. Without proper maintenance, a building’s electrical system could fail, causing extensive workspace issues and compromising the business’s success. Routine maintenance includes testing, adjustments, and replacement of parts as needed. Emergency maintenance is also available. In the case of a serious electrical failure, electrical technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Electricity is an integral part of our everyday lives, but it is also dangerous if not properly maintained. It’s important to ensure that your commercial property’s electrical system is efficient and safe. By hiring a company to maintain your systems, you’ll be ensuring a safe and reliable workplace for your employees. A full-service electrical company such as Hauer Power Electrical Inc. can help you keep your systems up to code and reduce your energy bills.